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Gentle, Expansive Neroli

Gentle, Expansive Neroli
When I have the chance to meet my customers in person, our first connection is through aromatherapy. I hold up spoonfuls of our clay and yogurt cleansers for them to inhale, mist a hydrosol into the air between us  and invite them to walk into clean, soft drift. Finally I offer the bottles of our moisturizing oils for them to breathe in. I like to guess to myself which I think they might like best and offer that first. I can't say that I guess correctly, but I have noticed there are specific responses that follow certain oils. The Moisturizing oil with Neroli and Frankincense elicits an expression of relief and resonance, a recognition of something that was once close and safe and dear, but now maybe a bit far off--as if they lost track of it for a little while. Some can't help but affirm-- to themselves more than to me: "oh I love neroli", in a way that is unique for the love of neroli. And why wouldn't they?  Spectacularly fruiting and flowering at the same time, the bitter orange tree, Citrus aurantium, var. amara is at once the promise of joy and its fulfillment.

This is Not a Whisky. It is My Precleanse Routine.

Cleansing or precleansing with oil is a wonderful way to remove impurities from your skin and make the most of your skincare products. Follow with Bentonite Clay and Yogurt Cleanser with Coriander, Frankincense, and Palmarosa.
Cleansing is the most important step in a skincare regimen. Well cleansed skin helps prevent premature aging because it allows skin to receive the benefit of products and greater oxygen flow.  But what about oil cleansing or precleansing with an oil? At least twice within the space of a week's skincare routine, I find an oil precleanse to be a helpful and relaxing step in self care.  I am not a fan of a stand alone oil cleanse, but a precleanse can boost the power of your regular cleanser and offer a welcome massage.