Just wanted you to know my skin has never been better!!!
Linda Shalabi, Hairstylist


I am writing because I absolutely LOVE your products. I have to confess that I am not an assiduous user of beauty products, but yours are a real pleasure to use. ~P.


Thanks so much for your thoughtful service. You go over and above, which makes me want to keep using your product. Well done. ~Danielle


I wanted to tell you that your Cleanser is absolutely AMAZING! I cannot believe how soft and velvety and poreless and smooth and refined and toned etc., etc. my skin is after I use it!!!I massage it in really well and then leave it on while I get a few other things done and when I rinse it off its MAGIC! Its really beautiful! ~Sheri Stroh, Makeup artist 


The Neroli and Frankincense Oil is crack. ~Jessica


The products felt really pampering and luxurious. I really liked the gentle yogurt cleanser. My face felt hydrated after using it. I liked the oil too. ~ Paige Padgett, Makeup Artist and Author of Green Beauty Rules


I just looked in the mirror and thought, "testimonial" I have been using the cleanser again for the past three days and this morning, I actually woke up not looking at a million tiny emergent lines in my checks and mouth. I know you know it really works, but it does! ~ Lynnette


W.O.W.!!! My Balbec products arrived today, and I am awed. The packaging was gorgeous, and everything smells Amazing.
I love how the cleanser feels. ~ Aniseh


Dear Maneesha, You gave me a sample of the French green clay. I was skeptical that they would make a difference on my face -- but I wanted to tell you that they have! The deeply etched lines around my mouth and chin are less pronounced and my face feels softer. I really like both products. ~Terese


I did your clay and yogurt cleanser today and it put me in such a good mood. ~Suzy Gerstein, Makeup artist


The oil has been very beneficial for my daughter as her eczema has faded. I'm so happy for her. ~P.L.


Dear Maneesha, I am thoroughly enjoying your products and enjoying exploring all of them, thanks for making something so fine! ~ Augusta 


I LOVE them! I walk around with the cleansing mask on my face early in the morning before showering it off. So super refreshing and soothing especially since I keep it in the fridge. You rock!! ~Ingeborg, Makeup artist, INGMAKEUP


I love the Moroccan cleanser so much I really don't want to wash my face with anything else. My skin looks and feels a million times better—it's pretty bloody awesome. ~ E.


This smells (and feels) amazing! It has become a highlight of my whole evening routine. ~D.


After just using it for a few days, I see a difference. I, too, suffer from adult acne and have tried almost everything. From dermatologist’s prescriptions to beauty products from literally around the world, I haven’t yet found any solutions to my breakouts! And I am not alone. There seems to be a lot of women my age who suffers from dull complexion and adult breakouts, especially, like myself, most of my friends are very active in dance and exercises. We tend to think strong is best to clear and show effectiveness, but I feel that natural and soothing is the way to go. Your Frankincense and Geranium Restorative Oil did that for me. You must have known...Thank you!!! ~ Sherry 


I just finished the cleanser the other day and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was the perfect am cleanser for me which left my skin perfectly nourished, hydrated, and calm. ~Nic Gustafsson, Beauty blogger


Your cleanser is now my go-to product for a super luxurious shower experience;). ~Whitney 


I wanted to let you know that both my sister and I absolutely love the face oil we bought from you. She actually texted me again this morning about great it is. ~Betsy


I love the Balbec line. Applying the cold mask feels great in the morning and wearing it while I make my coffee adds no extra time to my routine. The hydrosol smells and feels delicious. And the oil is dewy and fresh. ~ Allison