About Vibrational Fragrances

"The Perfumer's Costume" Nicolas de Larmessin


Balbec's three vibrational fragrances focus on themes of sovereignty, harmonious connection, and creativity. While these concepts apply to both ordinary and profound situations that arise in life, they are always taking on additional layers of meaning in our world. Sensorily and energetically, these vibrational fragrances are designed to shift us toward a luminous sense of these three states, for our own well being, and for the betterment of those around us.

Five phase element symbolism of Chinese Medicine, Bach flower therapy, aromatherapy and its relationship to Chinese Medicine have provided the basis for Balbec's vibrational fragrances.

Essential oils and tinctures give the fragrance to these formulas and create effects at the physical level. Flower essences, with the energetic pattern of the flower etched into the molecular structure of water offer vibration.

In taking a flower essence, we resonate with the vibration it offers. This allows a subtle shift and balancing at the emotional level. As qi flows more evenly, we benefit emotionally, physically, and spiritually as we are first wave and then particle. 

In each vibrational fragrance, several flower essences create a rich energetic suggestion of frequencies for attunement. For the fragrances, top and bottom note translate to heaven and earth, with the middle note being our human place in the middle-- crown, base and heart. The fragrances are meant to be enjoyed independently or used as a series. 

The intention is the same for all the vibrational fragrances: to connect with nature through beauty and move to a slightly brighter state of being.