Ingredients and Methods

Our Ingredients

The ingredients of Balbec treat skin kindly in the now and over the long run. Mineral rich clays, hydrosols, botanical herbs and oils, organic yogurt, and raw honey make up our preparations. Each ingredient is exceptional for its purifying, regenerative, healing, anti-inflammatory, and/or anti-aging properties.  Each essential oil we use must have significant value for the skin, be non-phototoxic, be deemed generally safe and non-sensitizing on contact and/or over time.

All Balbec ingredients are wildcrafted, organic, and or cultivated without chemicals. We source only through sustainable channels.


 The Clay in Our Cleansers 

Clay has a slight natural electrical charge and works through ionic exchange to absorb heavy metal, toxins, debris, and dirt from the skin.  To maintain this charge and keep our clays as effective as possible, we make sure that they do not contact any metal during production and provide a bamboo spoon for use. This allows clays to perform their exchange to keep skin detoxified and nourished.

We triple sift our clays to a silky texture and each cleanser is hand blended to achieve a texture that machines can't quite produce. We hope you enjoy them in good health.


Our Yogurt

Never heated, our fresh, fermented, organic yogurt provides a natural, active probiotic for the skin. Lactic acid gently exfoliates, hydrating and refreshing the skin and helping to soften the effects of aging, pollution, and sun damage. Yogurt soothes the skin and helps tighten pores.


 Made to order and Delivered Directly to You

To preserve our products we use Miron violet glass, refrigeration, and a reasonable shelf life for fresh products. We do not add fillers or stabilizers to our formulations. As Balbec products are skin food, please enjoy them within their given shelf life, which is:  3 months for oils, 2 months for hydrosols, and 6 weeks for our clay and yogurt cleansers.  Refrigeration for cleansers and hydrosols keep products fresh for their guaranteed life span. Please note that when properly refrigerated, cleansers and hydrosols can keep fresh longer.  

As our products are fresh, we do not sell them through retail outlets. Once we prepare your skin care, we deliver them directly to you. This ensures that you can enjoy the experience of using high quality skincare in its freshest state.


  Our Scent Profile

The fragrances of Balbec naturally occur from the ingredients we use to create safe, comforting, softening, balanced, and delightful skincare. Our formulations smell clean--like incense and the woods.  They are floral, earthy, herbaceous, and grassy.  Some fragrances are warm and dry, some are deep and fresh at once. Please take an extra moment as you enjoy your products to breathe in and relax to make the most of this contact with nature.