Vibrational Fragrance Acupoints



 Acupoints are meridian portals. An effective way to use your vibrational fragrance is to apply it by spray or dropper to the area of acupoints recommended below. In applying your vibrational fragrance, please take care that the nozzle or dropper does not come into contact with your skin, as this will alter the energetic composition of the vibrations.

Points for Sovereign One

GB13 Benshen: On the right side of the head, straight up from just outside the outer corner of the right eye or eyebrow to slightly above the hairline. 

CV20 Huagai:  On the sternum, a thumb's distance below the base of the suprasternal notch (the depression between the clavicles).

CV14 Juque: Front of the body. 6 thumb widths up from the top of the belly button, just below the xiphoid process (very bottom of the sternum) where the ribs end.

HT7 Shenmen: On the wrist crease, straight below the divide of the pinky and ring finger. Apply to both sides of the body. 

ST40 Fenglong: Front of the body. At the right side of the shin bone just opposite and below the bottom of the bulge of the inner calf muscle.  Apply to both sides of the body. 

BL58 Feiyang: Back of the body. Just below the bottom point of the outer side of the calf muscle. Apply to both sides of the body.

GV4 Mingmen: Back of the body. On the spine, between the kidneys. 


 Points for Harmonize Two

LU2 Yunmen:  6 thumb widths to the sides of the midline of the front body. Just below the clavicle in a slight depression.

CV12 Zhongwan: At the center line, 4 thumb widths above the belly button.

PC6 Neiguan: On the palm side of the hands, two thumbwidths towards the elbow from the middle of the wrist crease, right in the middle of the two tendons.

HT5 Tongli: On the palm side of the hands, 1 thumbwidth above the wrist crease in line with the pinky finger.

LIV4 Zhongfeng: In the middle of the front flex point of the foot, in a depression between two tendons.

GB41 Zulingqi: On the dorsal side of the feet, the depression between the very base of the fourth toe and the pinky toe.

GV4 Mingmen: Back of the body. On the spine, between the kidneys. NB.