About Balbec


October Rose


Welcome to Balbec!  My name is Maneesha and Balbec is line of care products that includes vibrational fragrances along with fresh and probiome vibrational skincare. 

Developed in 2012, Balbec began as an aromatherapeutic skincare system of clay and probiotic rich yogurt based cleansers, single-ingredient hydrosols, and moisturizing facial oils designed to encourage a healthy acid mantle and promote skin comfort. I presented the routine as classic: cleanse, tone, and moisturize. The results are more resilient and healthier skin. 

Nomad came in 2017.  It is a lovely prebiotic powdered cleanser made of hibiscus and baobab that activates with water to deliver vitamin C to the skin. It does not require refrigeration.

In 2022, I introduced vibrational fragrances for Balbec after having developed them for nearly four years. I trained as a Bach flower essence therapist with Buenos Aires based Pablo Noriega and Andrea Rur and also prepare my own flower essences in Hunterdon County, NJ.  In addition to our vibrational fragrances, Balbec’s clay and yogurt cleansers and hydrosols are also infused with flower essences. Either a classic or custom infusion is available. For a custom preparation, please email me at maneesha@balbecbeauty.com with concerns. 

Our physical reality is determined by our energetic template. If the products we use to care for ourselves also work at a vibrational level, we can more effectively and elegantly realize benefits on the physical plane.

Balbec is named for the seaside resort in Marcel Proust's In Search of Lost Time, where the narrator recuperates from his illness and discovers friends and loves within a landscape of fresh air, sea, and light. Balbec's beauty lies outside time--attainable only through the interplay of reflection and imagination.