Directions for Use

Your Vibrational Fragrance Concentrate

Your vibrational fragrance comes in a 3.7 ml bottle. Although you can use it directly from this Concentrate Bottle, please note that it contains a high concentration of fragrance. Dilution is recommended as even 2-4 drops of the concentrate diluted in water provide a fragrant experience. The energetic value of the flower essences will not diminish when diluted. Simply prepare the dilution in the provided 15 ml violet glass “Use Bottle” according to the directions below. Using your vibrational fragrance in this way will limit exposure of the concentrate to air and dust through frequent opening and closing, and will lengthen its use.

How to Prepare Your Use Bottle

Fill the 15 ml Use Bottle with spring or filtered water. Use the Concentrate Dropper (not the 15 ml dropper) to add 2-4 drops of the vibrational fragrance concentrate into the Use Bottle taking care not to submerge the dropper in the dosing process. Close the bottle with the dropper or spray, and shake before each use. Experiment with the number of drops to find a fragrance strength that pleases you.

It is important that the end of the droppers and/or the nozzle and tube of the spray do not come into contact with skin or other objects as this will alter the energetic composition of the vibrational fragrance. In case of contact, run the dropper or spray under running water for one minute or dip in alcohol.

Please use the contents of the Use Bottle within a week and re-create it from concentrate as needed. Should you wish to enjoy your preparation beyond a week, add 1/3 teaspoon of vodka to the bottle before filling it with water. Store the vibrational fragrance Concentrate Bottle in a cool, dark place to keep indefinitely.

How to Use

Each vibrational fragrance has corresponding acupoints on the body, which can be referenced at:

Apply the vibrational fragrance directly to acupoints by dropper or spray. You can also add the vibrational fragrance to creams and apply to the body or simply spray onto skin, hair, or into a room.

How often to use

Two to four times a day for three weeks to align with the frequencies of your vibrational fragrance. Thereafter, as desired.