At Balbec, ecosensitive packaging is part and parcel of an enjoyable beauty experience.


Violet Glass

We use Miron violet glass for all of our products because of its excellent preservative capabilities. Used in ancient Egypt and in medieval Europe to preserve precious materials, violet glass blocks harmful UV rays and allows therapeutic violet light and infra-red light to penetrate. Through “biophotonics” (bio meaning life and photonics, light), superior preservation is possible because molecular decay is slowed significantly by the application of only beneficial light. This means that you can enjoy the health giving benefits of our products at their full potential.

Violet glass is fully recyclable and repurposable. The lids are made from non-petroleum based plastic. Miron violet glass is produced in the Netherlands.


Kraft Paper, Ecofelt, & Twine

Our facial oils come wrapped in 100% recycled brown kraft paper and twine.

We ship our cleansers and hydrosols in insulating, handmade, eco-felt envelopes that are made of undyed and unprocessed wool.  They are fun to reuse and completely biodegradable. Balbec's ice packs are also reusable.