Ceratostigmata willmotiana


Bach’s description of people in a “Cerato state”: Those who have not sufficient confidence in themselves to make their own decisions.

They constantly seek out advice from others, and are often misguided. 

Cerato types are often on trend. A disaster for today’s Cerato type: “misinformation” as rhetorical device prefacing what one says another should or should not think…about.

Says Cerato to the sufferer…drop in and listen. 

Julian Barnard on Cerato: 

“They should be wise teachers and instructors, but they seem to listen too much to other opinions, and be too easily influenced by outside circumstances.

Cerato allows its identity to be controlled by others.

It is just that self-knowledge Cerato people seek through their experience of life on earth.  It is their soul lesson”

Ceratostigmata willmotiana doesn’t grow in a obviously organized way—it just grows outward.  

Brought from China to Britain,  Bach found this non-native  growing cultivated in someone’s garden—to the relief of all those needing to go inward and tap into their intuition,  and to the relief of all those plagued by Cerato types, their fifty questions and petitions for advice on everything…never heeded.  

Cerato—for intuition, wisdom, and self possession, in Vibrational Fragrance Sovereign One. 

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