Sovereign One

Sovereign One

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Speaking two languages at once, flower essences and essential oils harmoniously deliver frequencies of sovereignty in two octaves. 

The fragrance: An apricoty osmanthus with a pink lotus and rose heart, rooted in orris, oakmoss, aged patchouli and frankincense. Neroli crowns the top with the clear and cool eyes of petitgrain and hinoki gazing forth. 

Essential oils deliver a three-dimensional sensory indication for the higher octave stream of flower essences: Iris, wild oat, clematis, cerato, chestnut bud, rose, & centaury

The frequencies assist with: grounding and enlivening connection to the present, aligning with one’s internal voice and purpose, exploring with courage and stability, and living creatively and in harmony with the flow of life.

The Fragrance or the Eau de Parfum?

The scent in a Vibrational Fragrance is light; a sensory chime that announces the frequencies and then fades like a mist. 

The Vibrational Eau de Parfum (EDP) contains more perfume concentrate and is made to use as a personal fragrance.  Here fragrance plays a more important role alongside the energetic frequencies of the flower essences at the level of experience.  As a natural perfume, it will last on skin for about two hours.

Ingredients:  Essential Oils: oakmoss, frankincense**, patchouli*, orris, osmanthus, damascena rose*, pink lotus, neroli*, hinoki, petitgrain*.  *organic **wildcrafted

Flower Essences: ***iris, wild oat, clematis, cerato, chestnut bud, ***rose, centaury, 

***Flower essences Iris and Rose are Balbec made in spring water according to Edward Bach's methods.

Spring water, Organic grape alcohol