Tea time at Balbec: Skin Teas

Delicious and cute: Fresh mint tea at Les p'tites indécises


Here is a current list of my favorite skin teas.  A few months ago I was drinking other things, and a few months from now, I'll likely swap these out for something else. Fickle, I know. But I could quite easily drink green and black tea all day.  This is easy to do when I am in India, where I drink cup after cup of high quality Darjeeling tea.  I can't help it. And I did this when I was in Paris last month, because I love fresh mint tea, and it is yummy there--brewed with black tea. 

I certainly did drink endless cups of caffeinated tea when I was younger, and whilst that would have affected me in some ways, it didn't seem to disturb my skin. But nowadays that would mean way too much caffeine and it does affect my skin. Fabulous. Not.

Luckily there are several go-to teas that I carry with me so I can have tea all day (and sometimes just hot water). I love the taste of these teas, their health benefits and the fact that they are particularly good for the skin. Few places have these teas on their menus, so you might have to keep a few on hand to spike your hot water. 

**Licorice Root Tea

We'll start with the sweetest.  Even if you don't like licorice flavor or licorice candy, try it because the tea made from licorice root is a little different and less concentrated. It is quite sweet so you are unlikely to need a sweetener.

Perfect because it is:  *anti-inflammatory, *immune boosting, *regulates cortisol, *adaptogenic, *possibly helpful for a leaky gut. 


**Dandelion Tea
is a little bitter, but I find it addictive and I don't add a sweetener, although with honey it would be good too.

Helpful because it is:  *detoxifying for the liver, *antioxidant, *helps regulate blood sugar levels (which very important in managing acne breakouts) 


**Nettle Tea

When I was 15 I touched stinging nettle in my aunt's garden. I couldn't believe the painful effect of the sting, which didn't wear off until hours later. If someone had told me then I would be drinking the tea of this plant, I would never, ever have believed it.

But I do because it is: *detoxifying, *anti-inflammatory ,*rich in vitamins: A, B, C, D & K,  & helpful for hormonal balance, contains silica, & also beneficial for hair  and nails. 


**Fennel Tea

Fennel, yum.  I love it in every form, from fresh in salads to cold water flavored with its seeds. It is a beautiful digestive and a delicious tea especially after a meal.

It is perfect because it is:  *anti-oxidant, *digestive, *rich in minerals that are important for healthy skin including: selenium, potassium, zinc, and magnesium, **delicious.


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