Matcha Cleansers

An Antioxidant Matcha Cleanser Boosts Your Skincare Routine

Organic, catechin rich matcha provides many benefits as a tea. High in phytonutrients, when applied to the skin it serves as a powerful, protective antioxidant. It is ideal when caring for skin that is subject to pollution and other environental stressors including excessive sun exposure. As a cleanser, matcha detoxifies and gently exfoliates the skin. Its beautiful green color boasts its chlorophyll content and makes matcha a strong anti-inflammatory agent that soothes even sensitive skin and eases redness. Matcha also stimulates elastin and thereby reduces the appearance of aged or weathered skin. 

Which Matcha Cleanser is For You?

Both Balbec matcha cleansers are a feature of our French Green Clay & Yogurt Cleansers--a beautiful base to deliver the benefits of matcha. French Green Clay, also composed of phytonutrients refines and detoxifies the skin and improves circulation. Probiotic skincare is delivered through organic yogurt, which softens and soothes skin. Together with raw honey and matcha they offer the skin a beautiful glow.

Matcha Cleanser with Frankincense & Geranium

Our Classic. Wildcrafted Frankincense is a great choice for skin cell regeneration. As a light sedative, it over-rides the brain's signal to stop skin repair as the body manages stress and the flight or fight response. As such, it is a fabulous choice in managing a hectic lifestyle. Organic Geranium helps balance the skin and together frankincense and geranium offer an uplifting and clean aroma, tinged with the green of matcha.

Matcha Cleanser with Rose

Pure organic, steam-distilled rose is the incomparable matcha cleanser choice for both rose lovers and for those wanting to treat aging skin. In diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and calming the emotions, rose is special. Please note that we dose all of our essential oils so that they have therapeutic effect.  Along with the green of matcha, the aromatherapeutic effect is akin to standing in the middle of a fresh rose garden. 




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