All because of a cleanser.

A really beautiful cleanser that I wanted to share. Clay cleansers are a lovely thing, but when perfectly hand whipped with probiotic-rich yogurt, blended with raw honey and infused with well-dosed, well-chosen essential oils, they become entirely special. Soft and a joy to use, Balbec cleansers are meticulously created. They contain no preservatives or stabilizers and are nutrient-rich skin food. They are organic and wildcrafted, and like your freshest foods, require refrigeration. Balbec probiotic cleansers have a life span, not a shelf life We guarantee them in the fridge for six weeks, although they keep fresh longer when properly refrigerated.

How do they work?

Our clay and yogurt cleansers provide gentle care for the skin, at once cleansing and detoxifying it of dirt and pollution while supporting the acid mantle. The experience is relaxing, the finish is soft. Before you moisturize, this is how your skin at its healthiest should feel. Clay detoxifies, probiotic yogurt exfoliates, balances the microflora of your skin for optimum skin health, softens the skin and shrinks the pores. Raw honey cleanses, softens, and heals the skin. Safe, non-photo toxic and non-sensitizing essential oils help to restore the skin and provide skin comfort.

How to Use?

A small wooden spoonful is enough to massage in small light circles over the skin. Rinse off with warm water or leave cleanser on the skin for longer then massage and rinse. Please remember to breathe deeply to maximize the benefit of the essential oils. 

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