Scleranthus annuus


The gifts and virtues of the Scleranthus are indispensable for the creative process. This is the ability to make a choice through experience or intuition, and trust in it. 

Those who suffer paralyzing indecision relate to the painful mechanism of back and forth that keeps them from choosing one path and enjoying the process of wonder that is the seeing through of a creative project. And what’s left? A lot of wasted time. 

Julian Barnard writes:

“While it is true the mental state will lead to physical symptoms, this is a remedy which has particular importance as guidance for the soul. 

In the confusion of contemporary Western culture, with its marketing, hype and spin, we need the clarity of discrimination to see what is good for life and what is not. 

Scleranthus, in its positive form ‘brings clearness of mental vision: ability for quick decision:  determination and calmness in the face of difficulties.’ [It] offers a renewed connection to the higher worlds, through intuition and consciousness.”

And eventually, there is Krishnamurti's secret: the I don’t mind what happens. 

Scleranthus is in Vibrational Fragrance Myriad Three, for frequencies of Creativity.

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