Oakmoss, Evernia prunastri 

Clean air breathing lichens that make their homes and livelihoods by holding on to branches of oak trees. Here it’s safe to slowburst into jade hued land corals, mini forests, or soft stag horns—buy one, get twenty-three free. 

Fragrant Layers of wet woods holograph into every molecule and fronds, liquefying (just about) into the absolute that is a slow, studied pour.

Oakmoss extends the grace of its host, the oak through doctrine of signature: the absolute functions as “fixative” in perfumery—holding fast to the other oils and absolutes, to the body of the thing they all become together so that every contribution is recorded and each can sing its wonder.

Oakmoss is favored in the basenote of Sovereign One because it brings the forest, holds the fragrance formula together, and reminds: as we grow into our own selves, adding our own unusual thing to the collective, that it is only possible, enjoyable, or worth it because we depend upon and are one with all that is.

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