Cinnamon: Upper Level Herb in Vibrational Fragrance Myriad Three


One of the most important plants in the Chinese material media, cinnamon is classified as a strengthening, food grade, life-protecting, ruler drug—an Upper Level Herb— in the Shennong Bencao Jing.

“Consumed over a long time it facilitates the breakthrough of spirit [illumination], lightens the body, and staves off aging. Grows in mountain valleys in the far south… [it] treats the hundred diseases, nurtures the essence spirit(s), harmonizes the complexion, and serves as advance emissary for all sorts of medicinals…”

As a classic herb for the TaiYang organs—cinnamon benefits kidneys and kidney  essence-critical for life functions, and the sense of resourcefulness (the enough) from which we create for the highest good of all concerned.

Loss of kidney essence can result in looping addictive behaviors—the grasping to replenish the essence, and fill a sense of void.

For its ability to “tong shenming” (reconnect with the Divine—penetrate the Spirit of Illumination) and to strengthen the kidney essence, cinnamon energetically adds to the creative frequencies (and fragrance) of Myriad Three. 

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