Myriad Three
Myriad Three

Myriad Three

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Rooted/ancient, black urns, sticking resinous, slight thorns, brewing--hair rinse to make it darker.  Small bittersweet goblet of thick chinotto-like syrup. Tapped from. Slow run. Treacle-pull, strands thinning thinning goldening--tongue pleasing coffee-licorice twist, how I imagine black walnut ink--the scroll is you--dusty footprints Loving ties. Budding. -Head down, either writing or sewing or memorizing every snapped branch.     

--Kashina, @illicium.verum.nova

In Myriad Three, flower essences, essential oils and tinctures form frequencies of Creativity. 

Frequencies favor: clarity, focus, delight, resourcefulness, release, steadfastness, connection, flow, enthusiasm, expression, beginner’s mind, and presence. 

The Fragrance or the Eau de Parfum?

The scent in a Vibrational Fragrance is light; a sensory chime that announces the frequencies and then fades like a mist. 

The Vibrational Eau de Parfum (EDP) contains more perfume concentrate and is made to use as a personal fragrance.  Here fragrance plays a more important role alongside the energetic frequencies of the flower essences at the level of experience.  As a natural perfume, it will last on skin for about two hours.

Ingredients: Essential Oils and Extracts of: cistus, orris, coffee, cognac, tuberose, peony root, lavender, linden blossom, licorice, petitgrain, black pepper, jujube date, ginger, labdanum, cinnamon

Flower Essences: *cosmos, scleranthus, white chestnut, walnut, *cherry blossom, elm, *peony, willow.

Spring water, Organic grape alcohol

*Balbec made in spring water according to Edward Bach’s methods.