Patchouli & Pluto in Aquarius

The last #PlutoinAquarius passing was between 1778 and 1798. Yesterday it reentered after 248 years. The period was significant. In France, among other things, guilds were abolished in 1791; restrictions upon methods of production loosened; innovation and technology bloomed.

By the early 1800s, sumptuary laws that had kept luxe consumption for the elite classes were defunct. Journeymen, shopkeepers, domestic servants, artisans, and other members of the laboring class were allowed to buy, own, and wear objects that were once strictly out of reach. And people were wearing patchouli.

“A year or two ago no lady of ton was perfect unless she was enveloped, as it were, in the fragrance of this plant…a sort dry, mouldy, or earthy smell — not very enticing, certainly, by description, and much less so in reality...In the vegetable world it is the most permanent of odours. 

The origin of its use is this, A few years ago, real Indian shawls bore an ex-travagant price, and purchasers could always distinguish them by their odour; in fact, they were perfumed with Patchouli. 

The French manufacturers at length discovered this secret, and used to import this plant to perfume articles of their make, and thus palm off home-spun shawls for real India! "Hooker's J. Botany and Kew Garden Miscellany, 1849.

Sesquiterpene rich, grounding, tenacious, fixing, (and may I add delicious) Patchouli moves the qi, nourishes for the earth element, and is recommended for vertigo--energizing enhancing personal sovereignty.  In the basenote of Sovereign One. 

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