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Welcome to Balbec. I'm Maneesha and I created Balbec Beauty to promote skin comfort.


Our reason for being

After years of sensitive skin, trial and error, research, and healing, I've come to understand that all of it—the glow, the clear, balanced and calm complexion that isn't visibly roughed up around the edges by age, pollution, and sun damage—naturally follows a skin care routine that privileges skin comfort and builds a healthy microbiome.


Balbec skincare is a system of clay and probiotic-rich yogurt based cleansers, single-ingredient hydrosols, and moisturizing oils designed to promote your skin's natural acid mantle and skin barrier integrity.  The acid mantle is that lovely fine lipid layer made up of amino and lactic acids that gives skin resilience and protects it from harmful bacteria and environmental stress. When intact, it brings the skin's ideal ph to about 5.5. A beautiful acid mantle is yours, you were born with it, and it is forgiving. If you ruin it, you can get it back. When properly cared for, it is among your most cherished beauty assets.


How we got here

When my skin was in need of serious care, the only thing that worked for me was a return to the basics: a simple Ayurvedic preparation of yogurt and turmeric. Revitalized and more resilient skin encouraged me to pursue a lush and tactile vision of fresh, soft, nourishing, and preservative-free skincare. Our products are a little classic and a little unusual.  Classic because they work according to the cleanse, tone, and moisturize routine; unusual because as real skin food they are fresh and contain no preservatives, fillers, and are perishable.  Some products require refrigeration because they are perishable and do not contain fillers or preservatives other than the inherently preservative nature of the ingredients.  For the gorgeous gift of vitality and nutrition that fresh, raw, and fermented skin care has to offer, we wouldn't have it any other way.


I live Hunterdon County, NJ with my husband and two daughters.  In my studio of our old farmhouse that was once part of a dairy farm, I prepare and research Balbec's skincare delights.


Balbec is named for the seaside resort in Marcel Proust's In Search of Lost Time, where the narrator recuperates from his illness and discovers friends and loves within a landscape of fresh air, sea, and light. Balbec's beauty lies outside time--attainable only through the interplay of reflection and imagination.


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